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1) What is the purpose of gloving?

  • Prevent the spread of infection
  • Protect the caregiver and patient

2) Can latex gloves be used more than once?

  • No.

3) When are gloves required for patient care?

  • Contact with blood
  • Contact with body fluids
  • Contact with excretions (urine or stool)
  • Contact with mucous membranes (mouth or genitals)
  • Contact with non-intact skin (wound care)

4) What steps should be taken before gloving

  • Wash and dry hands (follow proper handwashing procedure)
  • Put on gloves, using first gloved hand to glove the remaining hand
  • Interlace fingers and press down to ensure good fit

5) When should gloves be removed?

  • When the procedure is completed
  • If the gloves are heavily soiled during procedure
  • If the gloves become torn during procedure
  • After touching secretions or excretions
  • Before touching another part of the body
  • Before touching any clean surface or object

6) What steps should be taken when removing gloves?

  • Avoid touching the contaminated surfaces with bare hands
  • Pull off one glove from the palm/wrist base, pulling it inside-out upon removal
  • Hold removed glove in other hand during second removal
  • Slip bare fingers under second glove at palm/wrist base, push down and off, turning it inside-out with first glove inside the second
  • Place soiled gloves in sealed bag and discard
  • Wash and dry hands (follow proper handwashing procedure)