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In-Home Healthcare Services

Our Services

supported living

Agapé Home Care provides non-medical, supported living services in private homes and within facilities where one-on-one protective care is required.  We arrange schedules and care plans to suit the specific needs of each individual: long-term and recuperative, continuous and intermittent, daytime and overnights; from two-hour visits to twenty-four-hour care daily. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Protective Care & Companionship

  • Personal Hygiene Assistance

  • Ambulating & Transfer Assistance

  • Meal Planning & Preparation

  • Total Bedside Care & End-of-Life

  • Prescribed Exercises & Therapies

  • Medications & Vitals Monitoring

  • Medical Equipment Monitoring

  • Wellness Assessments & Visits

  • Shopping, ERRANDS & Transportation

  • Light Housekeeping & pet Care

We work with medical agencies and professionals who oversee the healthcare needs of our clients and direct our staff accordingly. Our management team is available 24-hours daily to address any questions or concerns related to our clients, caregivers or services.

Our Caregivers

Agapé Home Care’s staff are drug tested and background screened.  We assume all employer responsibilities on behalf of our caregivers: payroll processing, income tax withholding, reporting and insurances (Liability, Bond and Workman's Compensation). We offer certified and non-certified caregivers and provide ongoing training to enhance their skills, including specialized training for clients with unique care needs.

We assign our staff according to our client’s needs, the skill set of the caregivers and our client’s preferences. Once a successful match is made, we make every effort to maintain static schedules for continuity of care.

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Wellness Assessments & Visits

For maintaining a safe living environment and quality of life, we offer non-medical Wellness Assessments of an individual’s physical, cognitive and emotional well-being. We will monitor areas of concern, identify needs to be addressed and provide detailed documentation of the visit to a designated party. Wellness Assessments can be scheduled at any frequency, and include:

  • Physical Assessment (vitals, hygiene & cognizance)

  • Residence Assessment (appearance, sanitation & safety)

  • Needs Assessment (physical, emotional & supplies)

  • Detailed Documentation & Reporting (paper or digital)

Wellness Visits consist of a short, drop-in visit to determine an individual’s immediate safety and overall well-being. Wellness Visits include notification to a designated party and can be scheduled at any frequency.

Our Rates

Agapé Home Care's rates are determined by length of schedules requested (two to four hours, greater than four hours and round-the-clock care), the geographic area served (remote locations outside our regular service areas may result in additional cost) and caregiver certification.

Our fees are covered through various means: by our clients themselves, by qualifying insurance companies and through multiple government programs.