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This training series provides knowledge and skills on client confidentiality.  To complete this training exercise: 1) watch the attached HIPAA training video; 2) review Agape Home Care (AHC) policies and procedures related to client privacy and confidentiality; 3) complete the attached form to include your full name with answers to the questions related to the subject matter covered; 4) click on the "SUBMIT" button to send your answers and verify that you have completed the training and have understood the material covered (after submitting the form, a link will appear revealing the correct answers).  This training exercise should take approximately 45 minutes to complete.


Policies and Procedures Regarding: Client Care

1.      AHC staff must honor client's legal rights to privacy and confidentiality. AHC staff shall not disclose or share any personal health information (PHI) regarding AHC clientele (past or present) with anyone (including other AHC personnel who are not directly involved in the client's care team) unless the sharing of such information is authorized by the client in writing or required for the purposes of the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities.  Failure to follow this policy is a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and punishable by law. If there is any question regarding what constitutes private or confidential information, direct such questions to the AHC management for clarification before disclosing or sharing ANY client information with anyone.

a.      AHC staff must not discuss or disclose any details pertaining to their client's personal information (name, date of birth, social security number, address, phone number, financial situation), their physical or mental status (diagnosis) or any details pertaining to the care their client is receiving with anyone outside of: the client's Responsible Party, authorized friends and family members, attending physician (including office personnel) and medical healthcare agencies (social workers, nurses, CNA/HHA), client's pharmacy and AHC direct care team - and only on a need to know bases. AHC staff must take precautions to avoid being overheard by unauthorized parties when discussing client PHI and ensure any written PHI is protected from unauthorized access and viewing.

b.      When answering client's phone or residence, staff must only acknowledge client's last name unless directed otherwise. Take a detailed message if client is unavailable or unable to communicate, and direct caller/visitor to contact AHC Management if they require immediate information.

c.       AHC staff must discard (shred) any printed information and/or delete any electronically transmitted details pertaining to their client's PHI on their personal devises. Electronic transmission of client PHI is only permitted via secured and encrypted sources.

d.      AHC staff must report any observed or reasonably suspected HIPAA violation to AHC management as soon as is practical; depending on the offence, AHC staff who mishandle client PHI may: receive a written reprimand, lose bonuses, be demoted, be suspended without pay or be terminated.

e.      AHC staff who need to list a work number for emergency purposes may give out the AHC's urgent message number, and AHC Management will relay any messages to the employee.

f.        AHC staff must not have any visitation from friends, family or pets while working on the premises of a client's home.  If an employee requires something while on duty, they must consult with AHC Management before making arrangements to have anything delivered to a client’s home.

Policies and Procedures Regarding: Daily Log

 AHC staff scheduled to work in a client's home where a log book is used as part of the client's care routine must make log entries daily in accordance with these log rules:

1.      Log books contain confidential and protected information regarding the client's personal health information (PHI).  Log books must be maintained closed and secured from unauthorized viewing and access by anyone who is not directly involved in the client's care team. Failure to follow this policy is a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and punishable by law.

2.      AHC Management will retrieve log book information or make arrangements to have it delivered to the Administrative Office. Employees are not to discard or remove the log books or any of the entries contained therein from the premises of a client unless instructed to do so by AHC Management.  Log books are scheduled for periodic inspections by AHC Management.

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