Agapé Home Care
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1) How are germs transmitted?

  • Direct contact from person to person
  • Direct contact with source of infection (wounds, fluids & secretions)
  • Indirect contact (soiled linen or clothing)
  • Droplet infections within 3 feet (talking, sneezing & coughing)
  • Carried & spread by small insects and animals

2) What are the precautions used to prevent the transmission and spread of germs and infections?

  • Proper handwashing procedures
  • Proper gloving procedures
  • Proper cleaning of work areas, surfaces & linens

3) What are the procedures for maintaining kitchen and bathroom countertops and work surfaces?

  • Use standard detergent products after use

4) What are the procedures for cleaning and disinfecting spilled body substances (urine & other fluids)?

  • Use disposable gloves when cleaning
  • Immediately wipe with disposable towels
  • Wash with hot water and detergent
  • Disinfect areas with bleach solution and/or Lysol (leave on for 10 minutes, wipe and dispose of paper towels)

5) What are the procedures for cleaning and disinfecting tubs, showers, wash basins and toilets?

  • Clean daily using standard cleaners and disinfected weekly using bleach solution and/or Lysol

6) Why is liquid soap preferred over bar soap?

  • Bar soap has gems on the surface

7) What are the procedures for cleaning bed linens and laundry soiled by body fluids (urine, feces & excretions)?

  • Use disposable gloves when handling
  • Handle separately from regular laundry
  • Bagged in plastic for transport to laundry
  • Washed immediately in hottest setting for longest period using detergent and bleach

8) What precautions should be taken for visitors with upper-respiratory infections (cold & flue)?

  • Discourage visit unless essential
  • Wash hands
  • Wear surgical mask during visit