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Agapé Home Care - Orientation, Rules & Terms


Welcome to the Agapé Home Care team! This presentation will provide a basic overview of our agency, the licensing organization and regulations that govern our operations, employment requirements of “Home Care Aide” personnel, caregiver roles and terms, administrative personnel and reporting, our office location, business hours and how to contact our administrative staff.


Agapé Home Care is a non-medical, home care agency serving seniors and dependent adults. It was founded in 1991 by myself, Trent Zelanick, in Humboldt County, California. In 2016, Agapé Home Care became a DBA of North Coast Ministries, a 501c3, nonprofit organization, and Agapé continues as a service branch of that organization to this day.


Agapé Home Care’s core values are founded upon the following Biblical verses:
“Pure religion is this: to care for widows and orphans in their distress.” James 1:27
“I was a stranger and you received me; I was sick and you looked after me.” Matthew 25:35-36

“Love your neighbor as yourself” Matthew 22:39


Agapé is a Greek word representing the highest form of altruistic love. The Bible ascribes this attribute as being the very nature of God: divine  love expressed through benevolent service, with kindness and compassion. To this, we aspire.

Agapé Home Care exists to serve the vulnerable, infirmed and distressed within our community, and we shall endeavor to administer the highest in quality care with dignity, integrity and excellence.


Agapé Home Care is licensed by the Home Care Services Bureau (HCSB), a division of California’s Department of Social Services. Our organization number is 124700004. As a licensed organization, there are strict guidelines which govern the type and scope of “Home Care Services” our agency and staff can provide to our clients.

The HCSB defines authorized “Home Care Services” by licensed organizations as: nonmedical services and assistance provided by a registered “Home Care Aide” to a client who, because of advanced age or physical or mental disability needs assistance with activities of daily living.  These services allow the client to remain in his or her residence and include, but are not limited to, assistance with the following:

Bathing; Dressing; Personal Hygiene; Grooming; Toileting; Incontinence

Meal Planning & Preparation; Self-administered medications; Feeding

Transferring; Ambulating; Positioning; Range of Motion; Exercising

Housekeeping; Communications; Transportation Shopping; Companionship


Agapé Home Care staff who provide caregiver services must first: be registered as a “Home Care Aide” with the HCSB; be fingerprinted via Live Scan and receive a criminal clearance through the Caregiver Background Check Bureau; complete a Criminal Record Statement, Abuse Reporting Statement and Personnel Form; be cleared for TB; complete five hours of pre-assignment, entry-level training followed by five hours of annual training.


Agapé Home Care staff must also: provide a valid Driver’s License or State issued photo ID and Social Security Card (or a current passport); provide a current DMV printout, proof of registration and insurance (if transporting clients); pass a drug test (show negative for illegal drugs and non-prescribed narcotics); review and follow our Policies and Procedures Manual and sign our Employment Agreement along with all federal and state required forms (W4, I9, Labor Code, Labor/License Posting).

Agapé Home Care staff are expected to know and adhere to the Policies and Procedures Manual. This document can be accessed on our website, Resources Page, for review and reference at any time, and any questions about its contents or application can be directed to our administrative personnel, Executive Director or Office Manager.


Agapé Home Care’s admin. personnel consists of: 1) Executive Director (serving as head of operations, client setup & maintenance, staff hiring, firing & scheduling); 2) Field Supervisor (overseeing quality control, risk management, staff training & assisting the Executive Director); 3) Office Manager (overseeing personnel files, staff training & assisting the Executive Director & Bookkeeper); 4) Bookkeeper (overseeing payroll processing & reporting, accounts payable & receivable, human resources & custodian of records).

Agapé Home Care’s lines of supervision & reporting are as follows: 1) report any issues or questions pertaining to client care, staff conduct, suspected abuse, quality & safety control, agency policies & procedures, licensing or legal matters to the Executive Director; 2) report any issues or questions pertaining to personnel files, staff training or other general questions to the Office Manager; 3) report any issues or questions pertaining to payroll processing & reporting, accounts payable & receivable to the Bookkeeper.

Agapé Home Care’s administrative office is located at 321 West Wabash Avenue in Eureka, CA (on the corner of Wabash & Union Street). The building is an old church that is currently under renovation, with the administrative office facing Wabash Avenue. This is where all administrative operations are conducted and where all records are maintained. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 9am to 12pm & 1p to 5p (excluding major holidays).

Agapé Home Care’s administrative personnel can be reached by phone, text, email or by appointment at the administrative office during regular business hours. Contact information can be reviewed on our webpage:


Again, welcome to the Agapé Home Care team! Now that you’ve had a basic overview of our agency, the licensing regulations that govern our operations, and the employment requirements of “Home Care Aid” personnel, you’re ready to move on to the next level of your basic training: Policies, Procedures & Protocols; Client Confidentiality; Infection Control; Abuse Detection & Reporting; Symptoms Detection & Emergency Protocols… Thank you!